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Seeing others who are different is the first step to understanding them, and to realising we all share the same small world "  G Raisman, 2012

We are passionate about language. For its own sake, yes, but even more for what it achieves. Going beyond the brief, we see translation as the bridge to promoting greater understanding between different creeds, cultures and races, and are proud to be part of an industry that is crucial to the development and enhancement of our world and that of our children.

As a long-standing business, we are committed to understanding, developing and enhancing our role as an entity in the national and international environments in which we function, which we achieve through supporting causes that are close to our hearts.

As part of this commitment, we donate £1 for every 1,000 words translated. If you feel passionately about the causes below, and would like to join us by matching this, please Get in Touch.

Translators Without Borders

Translators Without Borders

Every day, this non-profit organisation provides access to vital and life-saving knowledge. Volunteers connect humanitarian organizations with a professional community of volunteer translators to communicate critical information across a network of countries and cultures. Translators without Borders contributes to humanitarian efforts through translating a range of materials such as crisis response and health information, as well as through raising awareness of the costly impact of ignoring language barriers. For example, in 2011, the charity initiated a collaborative effort to translate the 80 most important medical articles on English Wikipedia into other, less accessible languages. As of 4th Jan 2017, over 40 million words have been translated by TWB volunteers and more are donated every day.

Acuity Translations operates as the specialist arm of Empower Translate (formerly RP Translate), who are proud to be Silver Sponsors of this international organisation since 2014.

Nichols Spinal Injury Foundation

Nichols Spinal Injury Foundation

The Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation is committed to funding research and development into curing spinal injury. The NSIF was established by its founder, David Nicholls, when his own son suffered a broken neck and almost total paralysis after a simple swimming accident. He was driven not so much by the suffering of his own family, as by the total abandonment of other youngsters by their families whom David met in the hospital ward where his son was first admitted. In addition to funding research, the NSIF also aims to give a platform to help encourage sufferers.

Acuity Translations, as the specialist branch of Empower Translate, is delighted to support Professor Geoffrey Raisman FRS at the Institute of Neurology, one of the world’s pre-eminent neuroscientists, and Dr Pawel Tabakow, a leading neurosurgeon at Wroclaw Medical University, both of whom are supported by NSIF. Together, their ground-breaking work offers real promise of spinal cord reconnection. Professor Raisman’s research recently made global headlines, with the first man to benefit now cycling again after an horrific severance of his spinal cord through a knife injury. You can read more about this history-making breakthrough here: http://www.nsif.org.uk/research/breakthrough/ , and here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35660621



Over the past decade AquAid have provided over £8 million from the sale of products to bring water to over 2 million of the world’s poorest people. Today, they have also established a charity called The Africa Trust, which seeks to provide an entrepreneurial focus to aid by generating sustainable solutions via wealth creation

We are delighted to be in a position to provide financial support and use Aquaid coolers.

The Images On Our Site

Prof G Raisman
All the images on our website are unique and provided by the late Professor Geoffrey Raisman. We are delighted for you to enjoy them, and equally happy for you to respect his copyright. If you wish to reproduce any, please contact us with details and we will seek approval on your behalf.


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