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Linguistic Consultancy © G RaismanGet advice from the Experts: Every time you work with us, you will have at your fingertips the expertise of a team of passionate linguists. We can help to guide you and offer you the benefit of our knowledge, gained over the past 20 years in the translation industry.

This means listening to your needs and helping to get the best possible translation for your material, in exactly the languages or dialects that you need. We do this by creating a bespoke team of professional translators, headed by a knowledgeable project manager, and together they are dedicated to your projects to ensure that there is cultural understanding, consistency and quality.

As part of the consultancy phase, we may also be able to identify any opportunities where we could utilise the evolving power of new technologies for your project (such as machine translation) to aid the human translation process, helping to provide quicker, more cost effective language solutions without the pitfalls of non-sensical, high variability output. Professional translators combine the use of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) with their specialist knowledge and abilities to concentrate on context and to solve ambiguities, offering you a premier language solution through our translation memory, machine translation and post-editing services.

Our team’s linguistic knowledge and focus on providing excellent customer service mean that you can contact us without any pressure: we welcome all queries, no matter how big or small they may be, and understand that sometimes it’s not always easy to try something different, like a new supplier, when you have always done something the same way.  Our clients trust us to provide the highest quality translation and can rely on our service, and the proof of this is that they keep coming back.

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