Interpreting © G RaismanReal-time translation: In-person translation that is conducted on-site or over the phone by specifically-trained interpreters.

Whether it be for an international meeting, conference, seminar or interview, our dedicated Acuity interpreters provide a highly skilled and conscientious translation service. Like our network of translators, our interpreters are based around the world and are keen to bridge expertly the communication rifts between you and your audience.

As 'real-time' interpreting requires different cognitive skills to written translation - which lends to context and foresight  - interpreters are trained specifically to ensure naturally-flowing translations on the spot. Our Acuity interpreting team also have a specialist understanding of business needs to ensure a highly professional, seamless service.

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Prof G Raisman
All the images on our website are unique and provided by the late Professor Geoffrey Raisman. We are delighted for you to enjoy them, and equally happy for you to respect his copyright. If you wish to reproduce any, please contact us with details and we will seek approval on your behalf.


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