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Document Handling © G RaismanSoothing your document management headaches: Collating, formatting and managing any file format to ensure an accurate replica of your original document, no matter the language.

Effective document management is essential to the smooth-running and timeliness of any modern translation project. At Acuity, we take care of the collation, formatting and management for you as part of our translation and proofreading service, so that you receive a faultless reproduction of the documents you send to us - whatever the language.

The Acuity team is highly-trained in handling .docx, .xlsx, .xml, .pdf, .dita, .pptx, .ai and .indd files, to name a few, and know exactly what to look for when producing documents in languages with characters rather than letters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.), or in bi-directional languages that read right to left (Arabic, Hebrew). Changes in sentence structure or document length, which often occurs in Russian and German, can also cause a headache with formatting highlights or font changes. Our expert team have that covered so that you don't have to do a thing. 

For truly effective document management, we also take security very seriously. You can expect secure management of confidential information by working with a team that is fully briefed on the ISO27001 (Information Security) standard, follow strict security protocol and who use an established file transfer system for maximum data protection.

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