And the Award for Project Manager of the Year goes to…

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And the Award for Project Manager of the Year goes to…

Bated breath. Nervous toe-tapping. A candle on the dinner table flickers dangerously, before giving up its glowing ghost.

It can only mean one thing… the nerve-wracking, final sprint towards the finish line at the Association of Translation Companies’ Awards Dinner.

The Association of Translation Companies is an international translation industry Association with government-level influence and 40 years’ of growth behind it. Each year, an independent panel of acclaimed judges from the industry decide on who will be crowned winners of a select few, highly-esteemed awards, based on the candidate’s competence and contribution to the industry.

This year, our very own Becky Kinnersley was in the running:

‘It seems as if Becky was born to be a Project Manager. Combining communicative empathy, an innate skill for organisation, and supreme problem-solving capabilities, Becky consistently exceeds all expectations placed on the best Translation PM’s. She has quickly risen through the ranks in her company to become Head of Project Management, maintaining mutually successful and thoroughly enjoyable relationships with clients all while coordinating and supporting her team members. Becky is a Project Manager par excellence.’

The competition was certainly fierce but the verdict, when it finally came, was clear. In the translation world, Becky now wears a new crown: Project Manager of the Year!

And we couldn’t be more proud.

ATC Becky Award

You can see the Awards results here:

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